Social Sciences

Leadership training, environmental politics, American politics, Study Abroad


The Social Science Department offers courses to students with specific interests. These courses include leadership training, environmental politics and policy, general studies in American politics, and studying in Europe for the semester in Florence, London, or Paris programs.

The Social and Behavioral Sciences major is intended for the student who wants to explore the social and behavioral sciences as a foundation of lifelong learning, or as an introduction to the related fields of Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, Economics, History, Social Science, and/or Political Science. This degree will not be awarded concurrently or subsequent to a degree in any of those fields (see Social and Behavioral Sciences majors).

Students should consult the college Catalog or meet with a counselor to determine the transfer and degree applicability of these courses.





SOCS 12 Environmental Policy and Politics (Offered only in the Spring Semester)
SOCS 49 Independent Study in Social Science (Offered every semester)