The History Program offers a wide range of courses covering the United States, Latin America, Europe, and the World endeavoring to develop a worldview informed by global and multicultural perspectives.  All courses transfer to the University of California and California State University systems.  Santa Rosa Junior College awards an Associate of Arts for Transfer (AA-T) degree in History.

Course Schedules

Course Outlines

HIST 1.1  World History to 1500
HIST 1.2  World History Since 1500 C.E.
HIST 4.1  History of Western Civilization to 1648 C.E.
HIST 4.2  History of Western Civilization from 1648 C.E.
HIST 5     History of the Modern Middle East
HIST 6     The Holocaust
HIST 8.1  History of Latin America from Pre-Columbian to 1830
HIST 8.2  History of Latin America from 1830 to Present
HIST 17.1 History of the United States to 1877
HIST 17.2 United States History from 1877

HIST 18.1 History of Women in the United States to 1877
HIST 18.2 History of Women in the United States Since 1877
HIST 20    History of the US Since 1945
HIST 21    Race, Ethnicity and Gender in American Culture
HIST 22    History of California
HIST 26    History of Chicanx and Latinx from 1848 to Present
HIST 30    African American History
HIST 33    History of Mexico

For past course outlines, visit SRJC Course Outlines.