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(May not be teaching in the current semester)
Preferred Contact
Danielle Alexander dalexander@santarosa.edu 1552 Email History
Allison Baker abaker@santarosa.edu Petaluma 778-2473  History
Jeanette Ben Farhat jbenfarhat@santarosa.edu 1556 Email Political Science
Martin Bennett  mbennett@santarosa.edu 1546 Email History
Lance Bernard lbernard@santarosa.edu 1546A Email History
Pat Broderick pbroderick@santarosa.edu 1556 Email Political Science
Erik Bruce rbruce@santarosa.edu 1546A 799-0329 History
Danielle Bruns dbruns@santarosa.edu 1546A Email History
Michael Burton mburton@santarosa.edu 1546 Email History
Karl Byrn kbyrn@santarosa.edu 1556 Email History
Robert Chase rchase@santarosa.edu 1548 Email History
Christopher Collins ccollins@santarosa.edu 1548 Email History
Michelle Conley mconley@santarosa.edu 1556 Email Economics
Sal Diaz sdiaz@santarosa.edu 1558 527-4463 History
Anne Donegan adonegan@santarosa.edu 1552A 524-1812 History
Ann Exton aexton@santarosa.edu 1548 Email History
Monte Freidig mfreidig@santarosa.edu 1554 Email Political Science
Ken Gleason  kgleason@santarosa.edu 1548 Email History
Emilio Gomez egomez@santarosa.edu 1559 Email Economics
Geri Gorski ggorski@santarosa.edu 1546A Email Political Science
Melissa Gray mgray2@santarosa.edu 1546A Email History
Alexis Hanson ahanson@santarosa.edu 1556 Email Political Science
Rich Hertz rhertz@santarosa.edu 1546A Email History
Mike Király mkiraly@santarosa.edu Online Email Political Science
Derek Lan dlan@santarosa.edu 1556 Email History
Laura Larque llarque@santarosa.edu 1557 527-4277 History
Andre LaRue alarue@santarosa.edu 1554A 527-4450 History
Zachary Lawrence zlawrence@santarosa.edu Online Email History
Patrick Liang zliang@santaroa.edu na Email Economics
Michael Ludder  mludder@santarosa.edu 1546 Email Political Science
Warren (Bud) Metzger wmetzger@santarosa.edu 1546A Email History
Claudia Moura cmoura@santarosa.edu 1552 Email Political Science
Margaret Pennington mpennington@santarosa.edu 1559 707-479-6682 Economics
Nick Perrone nperrone@santarosa.edu 1557 Email History
Robert A. Proctor rproctor@santarosa.edu 1548 Email Political Science
Steve Rabinowitsh srabinowitsh@santarosa.edu 1548 Email Political Science
Marty Renner mrenner@santarosa.edu 1546A Email History
Samuel Riewe sriewe@santarosa.edu Petaluma Email Economics
Kerri Ryer kryer@santarosa.edu
Email Political Science
Alice Roberti  aroberti@santarosa.edu
Email History
Ron Schuelke rschuelke@santarosa.edu 1559 Email Economics
Ed Sorensen  esorensen@santarosa.edu 1552 Email Economics
William Spires wspires@santarosa.edu 1546 Email History
Jack Wegman jwegman@santarosa.edu 1555 Email Economics
Tim Wiese twiese@santarosa.edu 1548 Email History
John Wikse jwikse@santarosa.edu 1546A Email Political Science